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23.11.2020 12:00
Markets are waiting for a vaccine for problems
USA Time for Trump's psychosis and cheating to refute the election results is coming to an end we are waiting for Joe Biden's formal statement about moving to White House. Donnie disagrees with the failure of the election, but his ambitions are grandiose. Trump intends to fight for a Republican... Read more
16.11.2020 12:00
World continues to hurt, but logic returns to markets
The much-touted high potency of the vaccine from Pfizer and BioNTech has had more positive impacts on the markets than one might imagine, but being overly optimistic today could be a big failure tomorrow. If further trials of the vaccine show weaker results and/or difficulties arise in its productio... Read more
09.11.2020 12:00
Youre fired, Mr. Trump! America made a choice
Trump lost the battle for a second term, but this is his fault. Even if we take into account that the average American voter is indifferent to foreign policy and almost does not notice economic reforms, the country did not forgive the president for the failure of the fight against the coronavirus (2... Read more
02.11.2020 12:00
Cowboys vs Indians: American League Superfinal 2020
From the events of the past week, we note: ECB & Euro The policy remains unchanged, but public documents indicate the possibility of adjusting monetary stimulus at the December meeting after the formulation of new forecasts and a reassessment of the risk balance for the outlook. Lady Christin... Read more
26.10.2020 12:00
Trump or non-Trump: other topics are not in trend
A «soap opera» is underway to reach an agreement on a fiscal stimulus package involving the Trump administration and Democrats. Promises of a compromise have supported the US stock market for quite some time, which was beneficial to Trump. However, Speaker Pelosi's statement about the lack of full a... Read more