How to Generate Income?

Securing consistent income through speculative trading can be highly demanding. Thankfully, trading isn’t always required for revenue generation. In addition to trading, Forex markets provide risk-free passive income opportunities, such as the xChief Affiliate Program. Our Affiliate Program is designed to attract traders to individually managed funds, offering remuneration based on turnover. It stands out with its progressive remuneration scale, weekly payments, no-deposit bonus, substantial welcome bonus and lucrative competitions for traders.

By affiliating with us, you can expect guaranteed remuneration for every order completed by your referred traders, calculated for every 1 million USD of trading turnover.

We do not impose restrictions on how affiliates attract traders, nor do we tie remuneration rates to partner types (web projects, regional representative offices, training centers, or individual agents). In addition, we offer all affiliates comprehensive support for business development, providing an individualized approach to each project.