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New Zealand Dollar vs US Dollar

NZD USD is the main commodity currency of Asia and is a part of top ten global assets. It became popular just several years ago and makes up to 10% of the current turnover of the market. The influence of US dollar is very strong. New Zealand dollar US Dollar rate on-line reflects strong fundamental dependence on large trade partners (USA, Australia, Japan), and therefore continuous analysis of their economies is required.

The following fundamental factors influence the current forex NZD USD forecast strongly: main economic indicators of the USA, Japan, Australia, China (discount rate, GDP, inflation, unemployment level, CPI, PMI, etc.); Statements made by officials and financial structures of those countries, Statements made by RBNZ and FRS; currency interventions of Japanese yen and Chinese yuan; rates of Commodity Research Bureau CRB Index that reflect condition according to the basket of consumer goods most of which are exported by New Zealand (wood, milk, wool, meat); dynamics of prices for raw materials (oil, iron ore, non-ferrous metals, agricultural products) and by stock indexes (Hang Seng, KOSPI, Nikkei 225, SET50, Composite, TOPIX, S7P 500) that influence the economies of those countries; weather conditions that influence agriculture.

The New Zealand dollar US dollar pair has high liquidity practically during any trading session (up to 4% of the total volume of the Asian market). It takes technical analysis well in case of a stable foundation: New Zealand dollar US Dollar Forex Chart on-line works off graphic patterns and levels of support/resistance in a stable manner.

Main operations: commodity and raw materials, option and CFD contracts, exchange operations by RBNZ and the Bank of Japan. The active dynamics of fundamental factors practically always produces price movement. Within last two years, New Zealand dollar US Dollar Chart has showed stable daytime volatility, which provides income for trend trading with average risks.