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US Dollar vs Swiss franc

USD/CHF is one of the basic currency pairs that takes up 5.2% of the total turnover of Forex market operations. The dynamics of this pair is strongly influenced by US dollar, gold (spot), and European stock indexes.

US dollar to Swiss franc exchange rate reflects the ties of the European financial and banking interests with the global financial centers, in particular, with American business. Historically, it plays the role of the global protection asset; however, after cancelation of fixation to Euro, it has shown negative response to crisis developments in the European economy. Swiss franc to US dollar responds speculatively to the European and American statistics, demand for yen and gold, as well for European and Asian securities, both state and private. US dollar Swiss franc online Forex chart shows strong connection with the EUR/CHF cross pair; therefore, it allows to predict the dynamics the pair EUR/USD with a small delay. With the help of US dollar Swiss franc chart, we can confidently predict the dynamics of all main cross pairs with the participation of franc.

US dollar Swiss franc forecast is influenced by the following factors:

  • main economic indicators of Switzerland, Eurozone, America (discount rate, GDP, inflation, unemployment level, CPI, PMI, etc.);
  • statements made by officials and financial structures of those countries, as well as by ECB's and FRS monetary policy;
  • Swiss franc currency interventions, by issuance, and auctions of European and American papers;
  • European stock indexes FTSE 100, Swiss Market Index, DAX, CAC 40.

Forex rate chart of US dollar Swiss franc shows that the pair forecast is continuously influenced by the actions of Asian and European players, as well by many news, economic, and political factors. It is not recommended for trade without preliminary fundamental analysis. Forex USD/CHF forecasts show that this asset is susceptible to speculative surges of liquidity, especially during the European session. The main trading volume is achieved by hedging operations, SNB exchange operations, and short-term option contracts.